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Motor Vehicle Crashes

Legal Services in Burlington, IA

Motor Vehicle Crashes

If you or a loved one have been in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation due to the other driver’s negligence. Representing crash victims is the most common kind of case our firm takes. 

Crowley, Prill & Mahoney Attorneys are local attorneys with national experience. We’ve had to go against large, major corporations, auto manufacturers, and insurance carriers. We pride ourselves on applying the same skills with your case, as we do in cases against these giants.

Our firm has handled cases involving rear end collisions, intersection crashes, failure to abide stop signs and stoplights, texting while driving, speeding and more.

Legal Services in Burlington, IA

Heavy Truck Crashes

If a semi, farm tractor or piece of equipment, snowplow, dump truck, or other heavy truck has crashed into you, you may be entitled to compensation. Heavy truck crashes differ from regular car accidents in that many times it is a company who owns the large vehicle that crashed into you, and not the driver of the vehicle, that bears the primary responsibility. For example, the crash may have been caused by improper safety policies and procedures, improper training for drivers, lack of inspection of tractors and trailers and other negligence.

Heavy trucks are regulated by federal law such as the Motor Carrier Safety Act, Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act, and more.  Knowledge of these complex motor carrier regulations are key to any successful claim.

At Crowley, Prill & Mahoney Attorneys, we have over 30 years of experience trying these types of cases. We can help you determine who is responsible, where to bring the lawsuit, and what you may be entitled to based on other similar cases.

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